August 11, 2020

5 Years Later – My Widow’s Journey

I started to write My Widow’s Journey as part of my website,, right after Sid died in 2015. It did not go well. I was emotionally broken and completely unable to write anything related to what I was experiencing. What have I been doing for the last 5 years? Sleepwalking. Whereas many of you were able to put the past behind you and move on to new loves and marriages; to new experiences and travels; to enjoying life as it was meant to be lived, I was………not. When Sid died, I went into a state of shock and fell […]
August 7, 2020

Hurricanes and Blizzards – Parallels in Weather Reporting

There are uncanny parallels between the weather reporting of impending hurricanes and impending blizzards. I lived in New England for my entire life, until I moved to South Florida 14 years ago. I thought it was only crazy, ( They would call themselves “hardy”) New England reporters who stood out in the worst nature had to offer, bundled up in knitted caps that covered all but the mouth needed to speak into a microphone, to tell us what our eyes could clearly see…….It was snowing………..hard. These reporters, who could not possibly have been paid enough money to stand (barely, since […]
August 7, 2020

A Widow’s Journey – An Introduction

A WIDOW’S JOURNEY – AN INTRODUCTION In this section, I will continue the writing I started in my previous website, For those of you who followed me on that site for the eight years it was active and successful, you will recognize the topic. I started it as part of my Alzheimer blog writing after my husband’s death from Alzheimer’s Disease in 2015, but was emotionally unable to continue it. It was too painful for me to write about my early difficulties as a widow. The topic lay dormant for 5 years, but my struggles did not. I achieved […]
August 7, 2020

A Widow’s Journey – The Fog

And so the first day of my life without Sid in it begins. It has been 45 ½ years since he became part of my life on our first date in November of 1969. It is June, 2015. There are people in my house. Who is here? I tell myself that I’m okay because my sister, Arlene, flew in from Chicago, and my son, Joel, flew in from California. They are staying with me. They are watching over me. What are they saying? I don’t know. I’m tired. I need to lie down. Why am I so tired? I recall […]
August 7, 2020

Book Corner

Books, books, books. So many books. So little time. I have loved to read since I learned how in the first grade. I have read mysteries, romances, biographies, autobiographies, best sellers, obscure unknown books, deep profound books, silly time-wasting books, thrillers, and supernatural books. I love books. This section is for us to share suggestions for books to read. No deep discussions. No tests. Just a book title and a paragraph on why you think we should read it. I will go first. I keep a library of books in the Kindle App on my IPad. When I am looking […]
July 29, 2020

Tribute to Sid on our 50th Wedding Anniversary

As a teenager, I often asked my mother………”How do you KNOW? How do you know that the boy you are dating is THE ONE?” How do you know, I wondered, that this person is the one you want to share your entire life with forever. At 15 years old, “entire life” was impossible for me to comprehend. It seemed interminable. How could one want to spend eternity with anyone, never mind someone you had been dating for a short time? Her frustratingly vague answer was always the same. “You’ll know”, she said.  And one cold November night in 1969, I […]
July 22, 2020

Dogs are best!

I am a dog person, hands down, no doubt about it. There isn’t an animal on earth, including humans, that is as kind, loving, loyal, supportive, and downright ADORABLE as a dog. In this section, we will be sharing funny stories and pictures of our beloved pets. I respect your right to like cats (I guess), gerbils, parakeets, canaries, hamsters, pigs, and whatever else I have forgotten to mention, but dogs are still #1 in my book.
July 22, 2020

Contests are coming!

This section is a work in progress. In the coming months, I will be devising fun and exciting contests related to the various topics on the website. The best recipe, cutest pet, funniest story. Send me your ideas.
July 22, 2020

My Weight Loss Journey – An Introduction

Weight loss piques the interest of most people because all but a lucky few of us struggle with finding pounds, rather than losing them. A loss as massive as mine, one exceeding 100 lbs., begs the question, “How did you do it?” In this section, I invite you to come along with me as I answer the “How did you do it?” question. Come along as I share the raw emotions of my journey from fat kid to skinny college co-ed ( starvation mode, anyone?) to an obese adult to a morbidly obese senior citizen. Come along with me on […]