September 10, 2020


                                                                       As I was trying to decide which of the unfinished topics in my “blog topic” list I should turn into this week’s blog, it happened again. A blog basically jumped into my lap and screamed, “Write me!” So here it is. I was scrolling through Facebook and came across one of those irresistible “clickbait” titles that I simply had to give in and “click”. It promised a list of “healthy fat” foods that models ate to stay skinny. Who wouldn’t be interested in such sage advice, especially a compulsive overeater such as myself, who just underwent gastric sleeve surgery […]
September 2, 2020

Clueless Scientists Conduct a Diet Study

                                                                         As you know from reading the Weight Loss Journey section of this website, I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. There is not a weight loss program in existence that I have not tried. Weight Watchers, Diet Workshop, Atkins, 900 calorie a day restriction, Physician’s Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Richard Simmon’s Deal a Meal, Slimfast Shakes. The list is endless. I was unable to stick to any of them because I was always starving on them. Lunchtime seemed to be my breaking point. Depending upon which diet I was attempting at any given time, I ate […]
August 25, 2020


Everything I write is absolutely true. I do not have to make up anything. Life’s material is so absurd that these blogs practically write themselves. So it was one recent Saturday afternoon. I have more than 1000 pictures on my cell phone. At least half of them needed to be transferred to my laptop, which is where I do the writing for this website. I need to be able to access a picture from a folder on my laptop and insert it into the text that I am writing. This used to be a simple process. I would plug the […]
August 19, 2020


Mosquitoes possess a unique telecommunication system. I am not sure if they use cell phones, Morse code, mental telepathy or an unknown, more advanced technology. What I do know is that their communication method is secretive, fast, accurate, and totally focused on tracking my daily movement. Do they gather in a “war room” equipped with radar, colorful live feed maps, and a sophisticated GPS system that tracks my every movement? They must. How else can one explain how they know when I will be outside and my exact location at any given time? It is generally acknowledged that mosquitoes come […]
August 7, 2020

Hurricanes and Blizzards – Parallels in Weather Reporting

There are uncanny parallels between the weather reporting of impending hurricanes and impending blizzards. I lived in New England for my entire life, until I moved to South Florida 14 years ago. I thought it was only crazy, ( They would call themselves “hardy”) New England reporters who stood out in the worst nature had to offer, bundled up in knitted caps that covered all but the mouth needed to speak into a microphone, to tell us what our eyes could clearly see…….It was snowing………..hard. These reporters, who could not possibly have been paid enough money to stand (barely, since […]
July 17, 2020

The Pajama Game

I have recently lost 120 lbs………..a monumental accomplishment by any standards, and one that calls for CLOTHES SHOPPING!!!!! Having spent the better part of my life labeled “obese”, and in most recent years,  “morbidly” obese, only living thin during my college and early marriage years, I was ecstatic at the thought of an apparel shopping spree in the “normal” size department of an actual brick and mortar store. Throw out those “PLUS SIZE” catalogs; delete those bookmarked online “ WOMAN SIZE” sites; donate those Size 4X blouses. It was the month of March…..spring clothes shopping time that called for getting […]