Behavior Modification Course

What is it? – An 8 week, interactive video course that teaches you new eating habits that will help you lose and keep the weight off forever.

When will it be available? – January 2021 – Updates to be posted on and my Facebook page.


Have you ever dutifully passed the bread basket without taking even a small piece, while dining with friends at a restaurant, then go home and secretly thaw, butter, and scoff down a half dozen soft, luscious dinner rolls that were dutifully waiting for you in your freezer? Have you ever watched tv with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap, mindlessly shoveling kernels into your mouth, and suddenly look down at an empty bowl and wonder how it got that way? Have you ever been the first one finished at the dinner table, then eaten a second helping while everyone else was still on their first? Have you ever starved yourself on rabbit food all week, only to indulge in high carbohydrate, high calorie, comfort and junk food all weekend? Have you ever come home from work and grazed through the refrigerator and cabinets for a handful of nuts; a pinch of chocolate; a taste of leftover cake; a spoonful or two or three or four of ice cream, WHILE making dinner? Have you ever eaten the entire X LARGE box of French Fries on the way home from the fast food drive thru? Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night, baked a batch of brownies, and eaten half the batch before they had time to cool down?

You may have, at one time ( or 100 times) or another lost weight, even a significant amount of weight, only to regain it and more within a few years’ time. You will never lose the weight and keep it off if you continue to indulge in the above mentioned HABITS. Changing eating HABITS, not calorie restriction or exercise, is the key to permanent weight loss.

Of course, one needs to eat the proper food and exercise regularly in order to lose weight or maintain that weight loss, but if you continue to practice the habits described above: mindless, secret, fast, indiscriminate, and reward eating, you will NEVER keep that weight from hunting you down and finding a permanent residence in your fat cells.

This course teaches you how to change those habits permanently.

I know. Believe me, I know. I have done it all. I have failed at every diet I have ever tried, from the time my desperate mother took her overweight 9-year-old to the pediatrician, who prescribed diet pills. Yes, diet pills for a 9-year-old.

The life-altering decision to have bariatric sleeve surgery in 2019 to address my weight problem is discussed in a different section of this website. This section is an introduction to a Behavior Modification Course that I learned over 30 years ago. I took the 10-week course, based upon the writings of James M. Ferguson, M.D.. When I adhered strictly to the habits I learned, I lost weight and kept it off. As soon as I fell off of the Behavior Wagon, and returned to my old habits, the weight followed.

As you know from reading the Weight Loss Journey section, I had bariatric sleeve surgery in 2019, and have lost, as of this writing, 122 lbs. I need to lose 13 more pounds to reach goal, but my main focus will be to KEEP IT OFF.

Following the rules of this course will allow me to accomplish that ultimate goal of permanent weight loss. Come with me as I not only teach you step by step behaviors to take and keep off the weight through Behavior Modification, but I will join you on your journey. What makes this course different from others is that I will be following every rule, step, and behavior as I teach it to you. We will be doing this together. You will be able to follow and VIEW my progress, as this is a VIDEO course.

This course will teach you how to break the chain of compulsive eating; to learn to respond to physical, rather than emotional hunger; to break the habit of “grazing” through cabinets; to keep the weight off FOREVER.

Stay tuned for the launch date of January 2021, but for now, here is a free preview tip:

Changing even ONE small behavior can have positive results in weight loss.

Change WHERE you eat. Stop eating on the couch in front of the tv. Stop eating standing up at the kitchen counter. Stop eating in the car. Stop eating in bed. If you decide you need to eat something, put it on a plate, place it on the kitchen or dining room table, sit down, and eat it. I guarantee this will cut out most of your mindless snacking. If you have to go to the trouble of stopping what you are doing and move to the table to eat, you are not going to do it unless you are truly hungry.  When I was first introduced to this behavior change, I found that it eliminated at least 75% of my indiscriminate eating. Try it.

Hang on for January 2021………….the day that has the potential to change your life………the day you can begin my Behavior Modification Video Course. Register early to get the introductory price.

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