February 17, 2021


With none of the drama or interminable wait of my first COVID19 vaccination, I received my second dose at the appointed time quickly and efficiently on Saturday. Although I had no side effects except for a very sore injection site from the first shot, everything I had read prepared me to anticipate more severe effects from the 2nd dose. Since my understanding of science is akin to a kindergartener’s, the friendly administering nurse explained it to me in language I could easily comprehend. She put both hands up in the air as if warding off an alien attack, and said […]
January 22, 2021


10 months in virtual isolation, seeing almost no one, going to no concerts, no theater, no restaurants, no crowds. I’ve masked and gloved up wherever I have gone, which has been the grocery store, drug store, and some select doctor appointments that were inconsistent with video, such as podiatry. No gatherings with anyone but my Bubble Buddies ( a closed group of 4 of us who do everything together). I postponed holiday travel in spite of depression and loneliness from not seeing my son in 19 months, my sister in 16 months, and the rest of my family in 2 […]