December 3, 2020


On March 8, 2020, I went to dinner at a lovely seaside restaurant with 15 friends and acquaintances from my Widows/Widowers group. On March 10, 2020, I did not give it a second thought when my quarterly supply of toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues, arrived on my doorstep from Amazon. On March 12, 2020, I woke up to find myself a character in a Stephen King novel set in the Twilight Zone. I remembered the bewilderment and confusion on the faces of the protagonists on the Twilight Zone TV show when they realized they were trapped in an alternate […]
September 16, 2020


Where were you? Who were you with? Do you know their friends? Do you know where their friends have been? Do you know who their friends are hanging out with? This interrogation is one we would expect to hear from the parents of a wayward teenager who had come in late from an outing their parents knew nothing about.  But this is the age of a worldwide pandemic. An ethnically blind, ruthless, deadly virus is showing no mercy to anyone in the WORLD. The entire world, so although those questions may be asked by parents to their teens, in this […]