November 6, 2020


Are you waiting to read that I found love on the dating site I told you about in the October 8 blog, Online Dating – Avoiding a Serial Killer, ? If not long-lasting love, that I at least had a variety of “virtual dates” with interesting, funny, intelligent conversationalists? If not “dates”, that I was at least contacted by a few seemingly nice, normal men for possible interest? The list of probable encounters is narrowing as you read. All right, then, do you think that someone, anyone with a pulse, at least checked my profile? At last, we have […]
October 8, 2020


                                                Should I or shouldn’t I? Is this the time to give online dating another shot? Yes, I did venture into it a couple of years ago with, shall we say, less than stellar results, and I did not even get as far as the dating part. As a widow who was blessed to have experienced a long, loving marriage with the best the male species had to offer, I was not looking for a serious long-term relationship. I was looking for companionship and fun. Someone with whom to enjoy a concert, a play, dinner, great conversation, and hearty […]